Nissa Raad (Fakhrelnissa Raad) is a Jordanian artist who was born in Amman in 1981. She graduated from Brown University in 2002 with a BA in history before receiving an MSc in urban development and design from UCL, London, in 2004.

Nissa is predominantly self-taught. Mixed media, vibrant colors, rich texture and bold lines are ubiquitous in her whimsical work which is inspired by both urban and natural environments- particularly the relationship between cities, their inhabitants and nature. 

Figures rejoice happily in surrealist landscapes of colour and relax peacefully by their seaside homes- evolving in healthy cities where humans dwell in sustainable harmony with nature. 

She has had several sold out solo exhibitions in Amman and in Istanbul, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions both locally and internationally as well as several international art fairs.

Currently living in Amman, she is a mom of 3 kids and is pursuing her career as a visual artist. The art of her late grandmother, the artist Fahrelnissa Zeid, has always inspired her own work.

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